Donut 30 Special Edition (30kg/68lbs) for 2 x 18L

ref. number: T11040
Skrzydło Donut 30 Special Edition (
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Product description

Dedicated for the most experienced, technical divers.

Recommended for: 2 x 18L, 2 x 20L and 2x 100 CUFT sets.

5 years warranty for the bladder and valves.



- double layer wing with 30L capacity

- inner bladder made of PU-420

- outer shell made of Cordura 1000D

- narrow profile in the top section

> more space for first stages and hoses configuration

> comfortable and safe head position

> better access to valves

- inflator input installed in the top, central part

> more efficient buoyancy control

- lower dump valve placed on the edge of the bladder

> intuitive in use

> more accurate buoyancy control

- two rows of holes for the tank screws

- 5 years warranty for the bladder and valves



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