Peanut 11 (11kg/24lbs) - MINI DIR set with ALU backplate H - weight 2,40 kg

ref. number: T12355-02
Skrzydło Peanut 11 (11kg/24lbs) zestaw MINI DIR z płytą alu H - waga 2,40 kg
suggested retail price 480,54 EURkpl

Product description




- This set is dedicated for young and small-size divers (130-150cm tall)

- H-shape, aluminum MINI Backplate  is around 40% smaller than standard backplates

- Tecline Peanut 11 Asymmetric Wing (11L capacity) helps to achieve more stable, comfortable position


The set consists of:

- Peanut 11 Asymmetric Wing

- H MINI Backplate aluminium

- DIR MINI Harness

- Backplate protection

- 2 x soft weight pocket

- 2 x tank band


Weight of the whole set = 2.40kg


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