Peanut 21 Professional (21kg/46lbs) - Grey Kevlar set Comfort, weight 5,2 kg

ref. number: T12470
Skrzydło Peanut 21 Professional (wyp.21kg/46lbs) - zestaw szary kewlar Comfort, waga 5,2 kg
suggested retail price 1 082,64 EURkpl

Product description




- Peanut Professional buoyancy control system with adjustable, comfort harness

- Based on standard, stainless steel backaplate (around 2kg weight)

- Tecline Peanut 21 Asymmetric Wing (21L capacity) helps to maintain a comfortable, safe position both, underwater and on the surface


The set includes:

- Peanut 21 Asymmetric Wing - Professional Kevlar Version (grey)

- Stainless Steel 3mm backplate

- Comfort Harness

- Backplate protection

- 2 tank bands

- Stainless steel single tank adapter with fixation screws

- 2 double weight pockets, Professional Kevlar Version

- Cordura transport bag


More information about Peanut Asymmetric:

Your wing can be personalised (with your name or logo).

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