Skrzydło Donut 22 z uprzężą DIR (Start Double Set) - TecLine
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Tecline Donut 22 with SS backplate and DIR harness


Complete starting set. Perfect for twinset configuration.

Recommended for: recreational, technical, cave and wreck diving.


This configuration can be expanded and modified with other Tecline buoyancy control system accessories.



- Tecline Donut 22 Classic

- Tecline 3mm Stainless Steel Backplate

- DIR harness with standard webbing

- Transport bag



Tecline Donut 22 Classic

- Double layer wing with 22L capacity (50lb/216N) recommended for twinsets 2x10, 2x12 and 2x15 L.

- Oval, donut-type construction makes is easy to move the gas from one to another side of the wing.

- Extremely durable and soft outer shell is made of special, non-fading Cordura Heavy Duty 1000D Nylon, resistant to damage and tearing.

- Two rows of holes for mounting screws allow to choose the position of the wing in respect to a twinset.

- Reliable YKK zipper – allows an easy access to the inner bladder.

- The inner bladder is made of Nylon 840 with increased resistance to aging and mechanical damage.

- The wing is equipped with a high quality 40 cm corrugated hose and 55 cm LP inflation hose (Proflex braided hose).

- The inflator's elbow is reinforced with a wide tape loop.

- The wing is equipped with one, low-profile dump valve on the left side.

- Grommet holes in the bottom part help to quickly remove water from the space between the bladders.


3mm Stainless Steel Tecline Backplate

- Material: Stainless Steel 3mm

- Weight: around 2 kg

- Three rows of mounting holes allow to choose the position of backplate in respect to the wing and cylinders.


DIR Harness with standard webbing

You can choose between movable or fixed d-rings.


- Webbing 50mm – standard stiffness

- 2 D-rings bent (45 degrees)

- 1 D-ring straight

- Crotch strap with 2 D-rings

- Stainless steel buckle

- Bungee for the inflator hose positioning

- Rubber bands for the accessories stowing (eg. backup lights)


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